An Overview on Selecting a DC Motor

DC Motor
Working and Applications of a China DC Motor
July 28, 2021
dc Motor

Motors are available everywhere. Every DC motor manufacturer in China has made these motor choices on the top of the market. Selecting the right motor according to your requirements, you need to have complete understanding of the application.

You need to focus on these characteristics of the DC motor while choosing the best DC motor manufacturer.

Characteristics of DC Motor:

  • Availability of voltage is an important element in the selection of a motor. Many shelf equipment and tools are powered by a 24V power source, whereas remote applications or portable devices are powered by batteries. DC motors can operate at voltages as low as 1.5V and as high as 48V, depending on the power required.
  • As more and more applications, such as desktop 3D printers, portable medical devices, and hand tools, have smaller footprints, physical size is typically one of the limiting criteria in motor selection. Choosing which engine to use and the area it needs to fit into. When you need to think about power consumption to maximize battery life in surgical equipment or an unmanned security drone, efficiency becomes a top priority.
  • High-torque motors are frequently larger than their low-torque counterparts, more mounting hardware and housings may be necessary. An example can be taken as a larger motor is required to rotate the magnets in an MRI, which is required to operate the windows in a vehicle’s doors.
  • Although speed and torque are separate requirements in many applications, when the torque increases, the speed normally decreases, assuming the voltage remains constant. The slope of the speed/torque curve is used to make this connection.
  • The motor duty cycle of many semiconductor production machines could be one of the most significant indicators. Intermittent operation not only reduces the motor’s wear and tear and increases motor life, but it also allows for the use of a smaller motor size without sacrificing the machine’s favorable attributes.

Components of the DC Motor:

The following are the major components of a DC motor.

The field winding:

A field is constructed out of magnetic poles. This is a stationary part of the DC motor. The function of field winding is to produce a uniform magnetic field within which the armature rotates.

Armature Winding:

The moving part of the DC motor is the armature. These moves in the field complete the DC machine’s electromechanical energy conversion.


An alternating electromagnetic field (EMF) can be produced by the spinning armature and its brushes. A commutator resolves the alternating EMF and prevents the brushes from sparking.

Yoke and Bearing:

Mechanical support is provided by the yoke and bearing to the DC motor’s spinning armature. They provide a magnet that is used to rotate the rotor in a magnetic field to use electric energy.

Carbon Brushes:

To collect the electric charge from the armature, brushes are used. They are used to making the connection between the rotating commutator and stationary external load circuit.

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