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Electric cars are becoming a routine and have been around for a while. However, the idea of driving such cars has never caught on with the public until recently. What differentiates a hybrid car motor and an electric car motor is electricity.

Batteries are on a roll of constant improvement over the years. The cost and storage of batteries production required to power electric cars have changed to a massive impact. Batteries are now

  • less expensive,
  • more efficient,
  • perform much longer compared to the outdated batteries of yesterday

As you might be aware, the motor is like a heart of a vehicle. Often, it is the motor that defines and sometimes restricts its performance. Therefore, electric cars can be run either on an AC or China DC motor.

A majority of the DC motors placed in electric cars come from the electric forklift market and may function from 96 to 192 volts.

Mechanics of Electric Motor with an AC Motor

Electric Motor with an AC Motor

If an electric vehicle is powered via an AC motor then the odds of it running a 3-phase AC motor at 240V is high. It may also have a 300-volt battery pack. DC motors offered by electric DC motors manufacturers are undoubtedly less expensive and simpler than their counterpart, i.e. AC electric car motor.

Mechanics of Electric Motor with a DC Motor

A usual DC motor can run with a 20,000 – 30,000 watt range while a normal controller will be in the range of 40,000 to 60,000 watts (for instance, a 96-volt controller can deliver 400 or 600 amps at max).

The best thing regarding a DC motor is that you can overdrive them.

Now let’s compare that to the AC electric car motor.

AC motors selection or AC controllers might need a matching motor and a majority of the AC motors that are offered for electronic vehicles might come through a controller. The controllers that are offered might often have a DC-DC converter and built-in charger.

Power AC Inverter

It is the major component of the electrical system of an AC EV motor car while its role is quite simple. It must effortlessly convert the battery energy to the form deemed workable for the AC motor, and deliver the correct amount of this energy as per the driver’s demand.

Advantages of AC Motors for Electric Motors

AC installations give you an allowance to use almost any form of industrial 3-phase AC motor. This is a benefit for you as that can mean finding a motor with

  • a specific size,
  • power rating, and
  • the shape is so much easier to do

Another benefit of AC motors in electric cars is that most of them get a Regen feature fixed into them. This means when you apply the brakes during breaking the EV AC motor in your vehicle turns into a generator and gives power back into the batteries.   

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