Working and Applications of a China DC Motor

dc Motor
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July 6, 2021
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DC Motor

A DC motor is an electric machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. China DC motor is used in many households and for other purposes. They use direct current to convert electrical energy into mechanical rotation. Magnetic fields created by electrical currents are used in DC motors to power the movement of a rotor mounted within the output shaft. The output torque and speed are both reduced.

Working of DC Motor:

  • Including two components that are stator and armature. The stationary part of the DC motor is the stator and the rotatory part is the armature.
  • The stator provides a rotating magnetic frilled to the armature to rotate.
  • In stator, it uses a stationary set of magnets and a coil of wire with a current passing through it.
  • The current generates an electromagnetic field that is aligned with the center of the coil.
  • One or more insulated wire windings are wrapped around the core of the motor.
  • The insulated wire windings are connected to a commutator. A commutator is a rotatory electric switch that provides an electric current to the windings.
  • The commutator enables each armature coil to be powered one at a time, resulting in a constant rotational force which is known as torque.
  • When the coils are turned on and off in order, a rotating magnetic field is formed, which interacts with the different fields of the stationary magnets in the stator to create torque, causing it to revolve.
  • DC motors use these key operating principles to transform electrical energy from direct current to mechanical energy through rotational movement, which can subsequently be used for object propulsion.

Applications Where DC motors are used:


Although ceiling fans have traditionally used AC motors, a growing number of DC motors ceiling fans are now available. Due to the way they work, these fans are becoming more popular because they are far more cost effective than their AC counterparts.

DC motors use magnetic fields to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, and DC motor ceiling fans can be powered by regular household AC by using brushless motors. The DC motor fan’s only disadvantage is its price, although the energy savings readily outweigh this.

Motor Pumps:

Hydraulic pumps are a common industrial instrument found in practically every industry, including construction, mining, manufacturing, and steel. Because of its easy variable speed control and excellent reaction when moving, DC motors are used to power these pumps.

Introducing lower-cost brushless DC motors, which are significantly easier to maintain on such a huge industrial scale, has helped the DC motor pump, just like ceiling fans.

Electric cars:

While electric cars use several motor types, DC motors for electric vehicles are the most common because of their energy economics and durability.

With the addition of professional manufacturers, many kit car builders choose big DC motors for their higher starting torque, particularly series-wound motors, and changeable speeds with voltage input.

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